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About Us
Troop 201 was started in 1965 by Floyd Clemans and Ray Turner. They saught to find something for their boys to do. Scounting was the perfect fit. The Scout hall used to be the Maple Leaf Grange hall that was built in the mid 1930's. This was given to Floyed Clemans shortly after moving to this property in 1968.Since then the troop has always been at the scout shack. We boast a great troop of community service and many eagle scouts -Keith Clemans

Troop 201 not only teaches scouts fundamental skills that they can use throughout life, but also teaches them how to be their own best. Many scouts have become Eagle scout through the troop, and some were even commissioned as officers in the United States Millitary

Troop 201 prides itself with being a scout run troop. Meetings, campouts, and many other activities are all planned and led by the scouts. Even this website itself was built by a scout.

Do a Good Turn Daily

Be Prepared